Coalinga Star Party 7-29-2012

On Saturday night a crowd of 50-100 people gathered at the Coalinga Sports Complex Amphitheater for a “Star Party.”

The event was hosted by Rycharde Gambin Piano Studio and Mark Honberger from the Coalinga-Huron Recreation and Park District.

The event started at 7:00pm for people that wanted to learn how to use a telescope and ask other astronomical related questions of Mr. Gambins.

At 9:00pm we watched a very informative movie that gave a summary of the stars , skies , the latest theories of how the universe was created, and how it operates and functions from start to finish.

After that everyone was invited to stay and view the sky. Participants were able to observe the Moon, Saturn, Mars, and the Andromeda Galaxy through the various telescopes set up for the night’s viewing.

There were many exhibitors and the general public showed up to show off their toys and put some of that astronomy equipment to good work. The telescopes ranged from small to large with enough set up that everyone was able to view the skies, some through many different telescopes.

Mr. Gambin went from person to person with tips and instructions ensuring everyone knew how to use their telescopes and gave pointers and general instruction on astronomy and telescope information.

The night ended with a few staying to watch a perfectly timed meteor shower and observe the Milky Way galaxy rising!!

Thanks to everyone that came out and everyone that helped put on this event!!



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