Tonight at 7:00pm the Coalinga Horned Toads (8-2) will battle Mclane (5-5) at the Coalinga Stadium.

Come and support the horned toads in the Central Valley Playoff games.


On Saturday morning on Oct 28nd at 8am-9am a group of people will be meeting up out on El Dorado at the paintball course. In the past they have charged anywhere from $5.00-$8.00 for admission per person and require a signed waiver. You will be expected to bring your own balls, guns, and air and safety gear. Anyone that has a chrono to test the speed of the weapons is encouraged to bring that also. The games will last until people lose interest. It is required that you call the contact listed below before you show up so you can be put on the list and allowed access to the field.

Anyone interested call Jesus Salcido Sr. @ 559-862-9398


On Saturday morning on Oct 22nd at 8am a group of people will be meeting up out on El Dorado at the paintball course. In the past they have charged anywhere from $5.00-$8.00 for admission per person. You will be expected to bring your own balls, guns, and air. Anyone that has a chrono to test the speed of the weapons is encouraged to bring that also. The games will last until people lose interest. Make sure you call the contact listed below before you show up so you can be put on the list and allowed access to the field.

American Hobbies and Uniforms and Kmart  should have some supplies available.

Westside supply has been known to rent air tanks on a personal basis.

Anyone interested call Jesus @ 559-862-9398


Tonight the Horned Toads hit the road to go and battle against Kingsburg.  Coming off a heartbreaking loss to Dinuba 28-35 the Toads will be up and ready for the challenge.  The game will be hosted in Kingsburg on 10-21-2011 at 7pm.  From Coalinga to Kingsburg is about 1 hour 30 minutes, so anyone that can make the game will be highly appreciated. Lets go and show support for the Toads!!!

Feel free to post updates and pics of the game on our facebook page Coalinga Post or here on this website in the comments section.
We will try to keep you updated as the scores roll in, but we may not be able to attend the game so your input is essential in keeping everyone updated.  You can send pics, scores, and highlights of tonight’s game to


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The Coalinga Horned Toads suffered a stunning defeat to Dinuba 28-35.

Dinuba was ready for the Toad’s running attack and keyed in on Brian Alvarado which put a damper on Coalinga’s running game early off. The first set of downs was in and out forcing a punt, giving Dinuba the ball which they would use to score on their first possession.

More than once we saw #33 Brian Alvarado lining up to take the snap and walk right down the field with it blowing through defenders with the help of Coalinga’s defensive line, but it just wasn’t enough to stop the passing spree led by Dinuba.

Here was the game roundup.

Dinuba was first to score on their first possession.

With 10:06 remaining in the second quarter Brian Alvarado runs up the middle to tie the game up 7-7.

Dinuba would follow up with a mixture of run and pass plays keeping the Toads on their feet by scoring with 9:03 left in the half putting Dinuba in the lead 7-14.

Coalinga was not backing down and scored with 5:54 left in the second quarter. Brian Alvarado went up the middle for the touchdown making the score 14-14.

Dinuba stomped right back down the field with a long pass making it 14-21, Dinuba moving ahead yet again.

Just as the Toads were in scoring position the unthinkable happened. Coalinga threw an interception while attempting to score near Dinuba’s goal line. Dinuba tried to move down the field but luckily the clock ran out and the Toads were able to hold them 14-21 going into the half with a sack on the quarterback as the clock ticked down.

At the beginning of the second half the Toads came out swinging making some clean hard hits keeping Dinuba at bay and making the crowd roar, but Dinuba’s passing attack could not be stopped. With 9:11 to go in the third quarter they would throw for a the only touchdown by either team in the third quarter pushing Dinuba up ahead again 14-28 to start the fourth quarter.

The fourth quarter started with Dinuba scoring with 8:49 in the quarter left making it a dangerous 14-35 game, but the Toads were not done fighting and would come back with Brian Alvarado running up the middle for the touchdown with 3:58 to go in the game making it 21-35 the Toads behind by 14 points.

After a few battles back and fourth the Toads would run back a return for a touchdown with 2:36 left in the game. Making a sweet comeback the Toads were only behind 28-35.

With under 4 minutes left in the game, the Coalinga Horned Toads kicked an onside kick and recovered the ball. Everything was going great until the Toads threw an interception to Dinuba giving them the ball back with minimal time left on the clock.

Dinuba was forced to punt and Coalinga did get about 50 Seconds left to score in which they threw another interception ending the game 28-35 in favor of Dinuba.

We take our hats off to both teams as they both played a really great game tonight and gave the fans on both sides something to cheer for.

Coalinga hosted a great game between a tough team and fought hard trying to win, but in the end it wasn’t a lack of effort or heart, but a few interceptions, dropped passes, and penalties that lost the game for the Toads.

Thanks to the fans and coaches that came out and supported the Coalinga Horned Toads.

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Tonight’s match up includes the Coalinga Horned Toads VS Dinuba starting at 7pm PST. at the Coalinga Memorial Bowl.

After coming off a great win against Selma, the Toads are fired up and ready for tonight’s match up.

Please support your Coalinga Horned Toads by:

  • Go to the game
  • Dress up in Orange and Black (team colors)
  • Make sure to get refreshments from the on-site vendors. This money is used to help the school and related organizations.
  • Don’t have the team spirits? You can get some at the game. There is always lots of team apparell that can be purchased on-site and the proceeds go to help future school events.
  • Cheer them on and be courteous to your fellow fans.

Check back later for Scores and Highlight Photos

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Coalinga Horned Toads    38    Selma Bears    0

It was a great Friday night for football at the Coalinga Memorial Bowl. The weather was beautiful and on this October Homecoming night,  the Coalinga Horned Toads dominated the Selma Bears.

As we walked up to the Coalinga Memorial Sign and waited in line for tickets, we watched the crowd quickly fill up the stands. Before the game started, the king and queen were announced and the fans cheered them on as they were driven around the track in golf carts for the audience to see.

The Horned Toads sported pink socks in order to honor breast cancer awareness month. Coaches and team  supporters showed up wearing the team colors of orange and black, coincidentally, the other team also wore orange and black.

Brian Alvarado and the rest of the Horned Toads gave the crowd a show to remember scoring 38 points with a barrage of running attacks, which looked as if the Toads were able to score at will when they had the ball.

The game started with Coalinga kicking off to Selma and putting it deep into the end zone. That was all it took for the Coalinga Defense to come alive forcing the Bears to have to kick and gave Coalinga great field position which they used to drive the ball right down the field for a touchdown.

Coalinga picked off a few passes for interceptions and fumbles that helped them continue marching down the field and scoring on turnovers and conversions.

The special teams and #10 kicker Mendez capitalized off of  field goals and forced the Bears into turnovers and failed third down conversions.

There were few penalty flags in this game. However there was one  injured player on the Selma Bears side, and fans waited patiently as the coaches and trainers finally had to take out the stretcher and drive the injured player off the field.

The Toads are now 6-0 staying undefeated, showing no signs of weakness, and forcing a shutout.

Next weeks game, which is sure to be a blast, will be held in Coalinga against Dinuba Oct. 14th @ 7pm.

Come on out and support your Coalinga Horned Toads.

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—-HOMECOMING: Coalinga Horned Toads vs Selma Bears Friday October 7, 2021 @ 7pm—-In Coalinga at the Bowl

Tonight’s homecoming game features the 5-0 Coalinga Horned Toads vs the 3-1 Selma Bears. It should be a great game to watch with #33 Brian Alvarado leading Coalinga in rushing/total yards averaging 170.2 yards per game according to

Lets have everyone come and support the Toads on the road to victory!! Make sure you get your orange and black on, if you don’t have any, not worry you can probably find some great gear being sold at the game.

Also make sure to buy refreshments and food as that helps fund the events and other athletic, and academic related activities.

For the after-game festivities be sure to buckle up and don’t drink and drive as I am pretty sure there will be extra law enforcement out patrolling for drunk drivers and other violations.

Check back after the game for pictures and scores.

Go Toads!!!

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