UPDATE: Wishful Prayer

   To all that kept “Springy Line” in there hearts and prayers….. Thank You. The surgery went as planned and is hoped for a speedy recovery. Springy has been in darkness for 3 months and seems to be working on his new found sight now. As common, he is still in a period of sensitivity and recovery. His dad, John Line, must be at his side at all times for prevention of any occurrences as this is a fragile stage in his life also.

  Springy was admitted into operation at 8am, 3/14/2013 for preparation. He was connected to IV, electronic monitors and placed under “anesthesia”. This was a serious critical point due to his life term diabetes, sensitive blood balance, and most important of all, age. With steady care his eye lenses were removed and the cataracts vacuumed out. Once the pupil was clear, a new lens was installed for not only for far sight but near sight as well. After waking him up from surgery, he was tested with light contrast and object movement that showed his sight was beginning to be regained. Springy is still hesitant and slightly delayed. Their will be an adjustment period but the Ophthalmologist Specialist is confident that all will work out fine in his favor. He was released later around 5pm the same day late due to the critical monitoring needed and returned home safely with many medications for a positive restful recovery.

One of the most important things Springy had on his side just as important as your prayers with lit candles was Springy had a fighting chance to be happy again and visually see because of love and respect. He loved and respected his family and proved it by being loyal and sharing common interest for each other. He considered them important with a lot of love. And in return, he received much love and respect through the loyalty of his family. This is an act  that should never be taken for granted. That is the foundation of the “Greatest Family”.

John and Springy would like to extend thanks to Angie Alvarez for helping, caring, and being there in Springys time despair. She put in many hours of care and Springys uprising health can be attributed to the efforts she made. She was a great helpful asset to his previous unfortunate turn of events.

Springy looks forward to cruising the beautiful streets of Coalinga in the white pickup truck real soon and looks forward to seeing all of you again. Thank you again for your prayers and compassion.

-John Line-

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