Date:               June 16, 2021

Contact:          Fire Chief:                              Steve Henry               935-1652

2 Story Apartment Fire Displaces 16

At approximately 10:40 am this morning, residents of the Westwood Apartment complex discovered a fire on the balcony of a second story apartment.  The Coalinga Fire Department responded to a 9-1-1 call for help.

The department sent two engines and upon arrival found a well involved apartment spreading to a second unit, and the attic of the building well involved.

Crews made an aggressive attack to the interior and the attic space which saved losing several additional units. A second alarm was requested and units from Cal Fire, Fresno County Fire District and Kings County Fire Department were dispatched, at the peak of the fire, there were 25 firefighters assigned.

During the mop up stage of the fire, one Coalinga Fire Department Reserve was injured by falling building material. He was treated at Coalinga Regional Medical Center and released.  The cause of the fire was careless discard of a cigarette.  Dollar loss is estimated to be over $350,000.  The Coalinga Fire Department would like to remind everyone to properly dispose of discarded cigarettes and use a metal container to place the used remainders


From what we are able to piece together from Detective Rebecca Milligan here is what transpired last night and into the early morning of June 8th 2012.

Officers received a call of a man with a gun in the area of Warthan an Pleasant Streets.  Officers saw the man holding a sawed off shot gun and attempted to stop and contact him, when the man took off running.  Officers were unable to locate the man after setting a large perimeter with assistance from outside agencies.

The man was never identified on his name or whereabouts and at this time is only wanted for questioning.

We will try and update you with any new information we receive.

If you have any information on this or any other crimes please call the Coalinga Police Department 559-935-1525

12 - 10


Here are some of the pictures that we took on our journey through the 2012 Memorial Weekend.

Please note that we could not be at all the events.




On Sunday May 26, 2012, Officers patrolling Olson Park during the Derby were advised of a possible stabbing that occurred on the west side of the park. An annonymous witness provided information on the victim and the suspect.

A few minutes later, Coalinga Police Officers stopped a vehicle leaving the area and located the 15 year old suspect hiding in the backseat. The victim, 18 year old VincentGuzman, was treated at the Coalinga Regional Medical Center for two stab wounds to his back.

The 15 year old suspect was booked into Fresno County Juvenile Justice Campus on charges of assault with a deadly weapon, participatine in a criminal street gang and committing a crime. The name of the juvenile is not being released due to his age.

If anyone has information regarding this case, they are asked to call the Coalinga Police Department at 559-935-1525.


Don’t forget to due your civil duty and get on down to your precinct and vote.

A few weeks ago you should have got a sample ballot in the mail that stated what precinct that you can vote at.

The two places to vote at in Coalinga are located at the Catholic Church and Chapel Grace this year.

If you can’t find your sample ballot, not to worry you can show up at the precincts and they will check to see if they have you on their list by name or by address.

You will also get the all famous “I voted” sticker, which in my opinion is worth the time and effort it takes.

The process is painless and in most cases only involves a few minutes of your time.

A few things that are listed to vote on are Prop 28, which discusses term limits and Prop 29, which is the proposed cigarette tax.  So if you want your voice heard on either of these issues then get down to vote.

You will also be voting on the primary candidate for your registered party. If your candidate is not listed you can use the write in spot to put whom you want to vote for.

As always make sure to read what you are voting for. Take some time to go online and find out what the two propositions would mean to you and then make your decision.

Id like to thank all the Volunteers that make our voting days go smoothly!!!

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