City Sourced Web Application (Press Release)

City of Coalinga

Department of Human Resources

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prepared by:                MARISSA TREJO, INTERIM CITY MANAGER

SUBJECT:                                           City Sourced Web Application

Date:                                                   September 17, 2021



The City of Coalinga is launching a new smartphone application with CitySourced which will allow citizens to identify and report non-emergency civic issues, such as public works, quality of life, and environmental issues. This mobile reporting platform will improve how Coalinga delivers services to its citizens.

The application allows a user to capture a photo, video, or audio of the problem. The user then uploads the media and, along with GPS location information pulled directly from the device, submits a report directly to the appropriate department. Once a report is submitted, feedback is provided to the user based on the action taken by the department handling the report.  Therefore, the reporting party remains aware of how the issue is being handled through resolution.

In addition, the application allows the City to send push notifications to users who download the application and allow push notifications.  For example, if there is a natural disaster or emergency situation, the City can send a real-time notification advising citizens.  The City can also provide water conservation updates and information on community wide issues such as licensing, fees, and codes.

While Code Enforcement violations may be reported through this application, the primary intent is for citizens to be able to report public works, quality of life, and environmental issues to the City.  For example, if a citizen observes a hazard such as a fallen tree limb in the traffic right of way, a large pothole, a raised sidewalk, or a broken water line, he/she simply snaps a picture and uploads it to the application.  GIS mapping pins the exact location in order for the City to be able to follow up and address the issue.

The cost of the application included a one time set up fee of $3,500 and a recurring annual cost of $3,600.  The expense was split between the Gas Tax Fund (30%), Water Enterprise Fund (30%), Gas Enterprise Fund (30%), and General Fund (10%).  Therefore, the annual recurring cost to the General Fund will be $360.  The funds were charged as a Professional Services expense and were within the FY 16 Budget.