Mayor Pro-Tem Keough Donates to Paws of Hope

October 18th Mayor Pro-Tem Patrick Keough donated a check to Luis Gonzales on behalf of Paws of Hope for the first transport of animals to be spayed and neutered. Here is what Mr. Gonzales posted on the Paws of Hope facebook page.

Luis Gonzales accepts a check on behalf of Paws of Hope from Mayor Pro-Tem Patrick Keough

“On behalf of “Paws of Hope” and all the great citizens of Coalinga, I want to thank Mayor Pro-Tem Patrick Keough & Mrs. Keough for their generous donation, that will go toward our first transport. If you happen to see them make sure to thank them.
If anybody else would like to give a donation to “Paws of Hope”. Please make your tax deductible check out to: Coalinga Woman’s Club and in the memo section, write “Paws of Hope”. You can mail your check to: Coalinga Woman’s Club, p.o. Box 284, Coalinga, CA. 93210 or you can give it to Tanya Stolz or Luis Henry Gonzales Ch We want to thank everyone that have so far donated money, transport crates, crate labels and other needed supplies.”