Car Crashes into Apartments

We arrived on the scene at around 5:40 p.m., Monday February 20th 2012 to find a silver Sedan crashed into the side of Tara Glenn Apartments in Coalinga, CA.

There were a lot of people outside standing around watching as police, fire, and emergency crews pulled the car out of the side of the building. We interviewed Officer Milligan on the scene and she told us that it was a freak accident that could have resulted from the female driver accidentally hitting the gas instead of the break and losing control of the vehicle, causing it to crash into the building. We spoke to some people at the scene that heard different rumors, from the driver having had a seizure to someone chasing her. None of these rumors are true.

After talking with the husband and son of the female driver, they also confirmed that she had lost control of the vehicle. They also said there may have been another vehicle involved. She may have lost control of her vehicle while trying to avoid an accident with another vehicle.

What caused a lady driving a sedan to suddenly jump the curb and crash into the Tara Glenn Apartments may never be known, but what we do know is that no one inside or outside the building was hurt including the driver. She was, however,  emotionally shaken but not physically harmed.

The building was closed off and the electricity was shut off for safety reasons; no one is allowed in the building at this time. The residents will be allowed back in the building after an electrician inspects the building, a support beam is fixed, and the city inspector signs off on it. According to conversation on the scene there will be security guards surrounding the area until the hole is fixed.

Residents of the affected buildings wanted to remove some articles from their apartments after it was shutdown and were denied due to safety concerns that the building has not been checked for stability and will be available as soon as the safety requirements are met.

Feel free to Contact Coalinga PD 550-935-1525 with any information about this or any other accident.

We are still awaiting the full report from the Coalinga PD. If there is any new information we will update you.


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